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About us...

Are you tired of the salesman that comes around and just tries to sell you something, doesn't really know what it does or has never used it?  Well thats how we got started.  Our staff is all involved in multiple disciplines in the Public Safety Community.  We are Firefighters, EMTs, Police Officers, Dispatchers, Radio Techs, Emergency Managers, or Security Officers.  We are out there using the same products ourselves everyday.  Thats why we bring them to you.  The products have been put through the extremes so we can tell you first hand knowledge not what a testing facility has done.

At M.A.S.E. Concepts, we want to make it as easy as an email or phone call, to get you that item that you need to perform your job. 

Our experienced sales staff will help you with everything you need from the quotes, through ordering, and even support after your purchases.


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